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I am a certified breathwork & Womb Alchemy facilitator and guide for women. In my work with people, I create a safe space for inner dives, deep journeys of knowledge and healing . As a breathwork facilitator, I share the technique of conscious breathing, meditations, work with emotions, or guided activation techniques as a tool for inner transformation, healing, self-discovery and awakening. In my breathing journeys, I guide participants to awaken to their full potential and get closer to their essence of being, the pure essence of life.



As a Womb Alchemy guide I work with women, who have chosen to enter their path of femininity wisdom through Womb Awakening. 



I share my work both online and at my workshops in various European countries, especially in the Czech Republic and Portugal, which recently became my second home.


In my work, I base my experience on my own deep trauma healing, extensive work with clients, and fully experienced personal transformation in both directions (breathwork and Womb awakening). I started to work with the breath through the treatment of my own trauma as a result of a strong emotional burden, burnout syndrome and subsequent post-traumatic syndrome. This intense period was a wake-up call for me. A moment where I was led on the path of inner transformation and discovery of the power of my own breath. The moment I found my own true way.


If you feel that your time has come and you want to take your life to the next level, contact me on or Instagram/Facebook.

What you can experience with me?

In my work, I most often use the practices of embodiment (full connection with the body), activation meditation, techniques for working with trauma, creating an energy field for healing, breathing techniques, working with emotions, intuitive coaching, working with body awareness and the wisdom of the Womb.




Do you want to dive deeper into the topic of femininity and use this knowledge in your life? Are you interested in topics such as

working with female energy?

Womb healing and awakening?

healthy boundaries setting

relationship dynamics?

feminine-masculine polarities?

intuition, flow?

menstrual cycle or menstrual magic?



  • 2019 Certified breathwork facilitator (International school Alchemy of Breath, teacher Anthony Abbagnano) 

  • case study of an American writer for a book about awakening the Womb leading

  • online & personal women's circles focused on working with the Womb

  • personal & online private consultations leading a cycle of international women's circles

  • part of the international women's collective Visioners of the New Earth organization and management of manifestation

  • rituals focused on manifestation through the Womb Portal

  • collaboration with the Portuguese women's collective Loba Nomad

  • conducting group Womb Cleansing Ceremonies

  • leading of the 5-week online Womb program

  • leading a 10-week Womb transformation program - awakening potential

  • conducting workshops focused on working with the Womb, its awakening and healing

  • working with the Womb sexual portals, their activation, healing female sexuality through work with the Womb

  • conducting more than 50 group or individual Breathwork sessions on an international level (London, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Spain)

  • cooperation and support of breathwork sessions at the ZNA gathering (Portugal)

  • large guided breathwork session at the Healing festival (Czech Republic)

  • participation in the international meeting "Gathering the seeds" - meeting of healers, Wisdom keepers and facilitators of deep transformation of collective consciousness - led breathwork session

  • conducting weekly international breathwork sessions to support mental and emotional health during the first quarantine period of 2020

  • participation in a project to support Amazonia - conducted online session


  • Instagram
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